The Best RollerUp Innovation for Tonneau Covers

RollerUp Tonneau Covers are foldable tonneau cover made with unique aluminium specifically.

We are the first company holding the copyright in Thailand and certified with ISO 9001 : 2008 standard.  Designed for ready-protection!


Maximum Protection for Customers’ Value Assets

With 4-point secured lock

Testified with standardized locking system

After installing RollerUp tonneau covers, our customers can be certain they will protect surplus with our 4-point lock specific for each single car, making sure that the quality is surplus.


The quality of our materials is second to none!

– Materials made with Grade A Aluminium

– Specific precast aluminium

– Coloring with anodized coating

– Standardized precast aluminium

– We comply with ISO 9001: 2008.


2 Standardized color options: Black and Bronze.

No matter which color, RollerUp tonneau covers colored with anodized coating—the best method for aluminium. We guarantee the color will last than other coating methods.

“We are so strong!”

– Can withstand more than 80 kg.

– Can be loaded with freight even on the top

Definitely last for a decade!


“We don’t get in the way of truck bed.”

Can be easily rolled up!

17.0 cm (Width) x 17.0 cm (Height) x 134.5 cm (Length)

Siding size: approx. 7 cm

Cover size: approx. 30 cm


“We are 95 – 98% waterproof.”

Water cannot leak through the top cover. Little water can leak from joints between truck bed and rear light.


“We can be opened at three levels.”

The RollerUp Cover is designed to maximize utility–storing goods and even loading with big-sized goods too!

open close rollerup

Sizes can be adjusted based on each car model.

Made-to-order based on special car size

Able to set up in any pick-up truck models

rollerup สั่งผลิต

The Smiles of Our Customers are Our Happiness

The Smiles of Our Customers are Our Happiness

The covers are warranted for two years (conditions as specified)

Tel.  (+66) 98 453 9655

Line@:  @rollerupthailand

Email: cs@deltat-ps.com

“For international customers, contact via email only.”

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