Q : What are RollerUp tonneau covers made with?

A: Our covers are made with Aluminium grade A specifically made and molded in standards.

Q: After setting up RollerUp tonneau covers, can they be locked?

A: Definitely! We have locks made specifically for each single cover that could prevent stealing.

Q: After setting up RollerUp tonneau covers, are they waterproof?

A: The covers are 95 – 98% waterproof.  Water cannot leak through the top cover. Little water can leak from joints between tailgate and rear light.

Q:  Is setting up RollerUp tonneau covers required to drill holes?

A: For the installation of RollerUp tonneau covers, a technician has to drill a small (6 mm) hole on an autobody.  But, don’t worry because our technicians are the best expert at installation in Thailand.  A revel nut will be buried on each 6 mm (size of a pen’s diameter) hole on each side panel. A screw nut will be buried on each 3-4 mm (size of a pen’s tip) hole on each tail gate. Customers may concern about rust.  Don’t worry because a car made from major car factories is generally produced by complete rustproof plating.

Q : How much weight are RollerUp tonneau covers able to withstand?

A: Approx. 85 -100 kg

Q: Can RollerUp tonneau covers carry bicycles or extra freight?

A: Certainly!  For example, customers who want to load bicycles can choose between loading the whole bicycle or a bicycle with separated wheels.

Q: How many colors of RollerUp tonneau covers are there? And how the coloring process is?

A: There are two main choices: black and bronze made with anodizing (the best method for coloring aluminium, which is ionizing plating.  Color will not be eroded for a long time. For more details, please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anodizing.

Q: Why prices of two color options are different?

A: Different price between Black and Bronze due to higher cost of chemicals of black anodizing than bronze anodizing.

Q: How long is the process of RollerUp installation?

A: Different models take different amount of time, such as 2 hours for Ford Wildtrak, 3 hours for Ford XLT   Therefore, time may range from 2-4 hours.